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Innovative Integration

Innovative Integration provides board-level hardware products that integrate the best analog I/O and reconfigurable FPGAs to provide cost-effective solutions for challenging data acquisition and signal processing applications.
Innovative Integration

Here is a definition for 'dsc' Definition: A digital signal controller (DSC) can be thought of as a hybrid of microcontrollers and DSP processors. Like microcontrollers, DSCs have fast interrupt responses, offer control-oriented peripherals like PWMs and watchdog timers, and are usually programmed using the C programming language, although can be programmed using the device's native assembly language. On the DSP side, they incorporate features found on most DSPs such as single-cycle multiply-accumulate (MAC) units, barrel shifters, and large accumulators. It should be noted that not all vendors have adopted the term DSC. The term was first introduced by Microchip Technology in 2002 with the launch of their 6000 series DSCs and subsequently adopted by most, but not all DSC vendors. For example, Infineon and Renesas refer to their DSCs as microcontrollers.) Source: Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_signal_controller)
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