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eg3 connect is a new project from to help entrepreneurs connect with angel investors / early seed venture capitalists. who interests us? hi-tech electronics entrepreneurs whose ideas are business-to-business in areas such as electronics infrastructure (e.g., telecommunications, networking), medical, military, industrial.... applications that make devices or networks more intelligent. how do we help? by helping you to draft effective business plans, identify only the appropriate venture capitalists or angel investors, set up your first meeting(s)...

we provide marketing & pr services, only, and require payment only when you get funded. the catch? you must have a great technology idea that is b2b and ready to start!

"got talent" - if you are looking for work as an electronic designer - i.e., engineer or programmer in the embedded community with skills in technologies like FPGAs, embedded c/c++, RTOS / safety critical, board / pcb design, etc. "find talent " if you are a manager or engineer looking for the right talent, especially consulting or outsourced talent.

eg3 connect
"Entrepreneurs" Got a great idea? actively seeks entrepreneurs who have the next "great idea" in electronics / technology. We target applications in business-to-business, electronics, and/technology - in verticals as diverse as medical, industrial, infrastructure, clean tech, and technology development tools or semiconductors. If you are an entrepreneur ready to seek funding for your dream and your team, may be able to help you as your marketing / pr partner, packaging your business idea so that it is easy-to-understand and attractive to the vc/angel community... Best of all, you do not pay until you get funded! Find out more about our services...

"Investors" Looking for the next big thing? Being a successful "Angel" or "round one" venture capitalist requires a lot of research. It requires a constant stream of "new ideas" on the hottest trends. provides a free quarterly survey / newsletter to investors that helps to identify the most promising technology trends in the broad electronic design space. This Insiders' Guide acts as a window into your own portfolio and helps you to make the connection with tomorrow's entrepreneurs, today. Completely confidential & it's free!

Why eg3 connect?
The world of "embedded electronics" is booming! From cell phones to medical devices, smart cars to smart bombs... engineers, programmers, owners and managers need to connect with others in their industries. After the dot-com boom, and the current real estate collapse, many of the next "big things" will surely come from the tech sector, especially the OEM / and government/military electronics sector. eg3 connect provides the tools for those who "have ideas" to turn those ideas into successful start up ventures by connecting these entrepreneurs with Angel and stage one venture funding. For Angel investors and VC's, eg3 connect provides a filtered window into future hot ideas and entrepreneurs.

With over 50,000 user sessions each month and more than 43,000 registered with e-clips, goes beyond its core audience to others active in the electronics marketplace... Most of our audience is actively working on designing tomorrow's hot products, today. And many of these are tomorrow's entrepreneurs - ready to form their own companies, to take their own ideas public via the Angel investor / venture capital route. For VC's and Angels, offers a free quarterly update to the hot new ideas coming out of embedded electronics. (For demographics, audience, and advertising info, check out our media kit.)