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"Got ideas?" Many electronic designers and programmers have great ideas for the next cool product or application, especially in the OEM / Military / Government markets in which eg3.com specializes. But engineers are not marketing or PR folks - it's often hard to take your fundamental ideas and package them into an effective business plan to present to "Angel Investors" and/or "Venture Capitalists" who fund round one / seed funding.
eg3.com can help you take your idea and turn it into a funded start-up business.

We do not work with everyone. We do not charge you anything up front. In fact, we do not get paid until you have your first funding! But here is what we can do for you and your idea:

  • Business Plan - we work with you to draft an exciting, effective business plan as a short PDF document. This plan is the centerpiece of your effort to explain your ideas and attract Angel / VC funding.
  • VC / Angel Investor Research - we work with you to identify the best possible sources of VC / Angel funds. There are zillions of websites that claim to do this in eBay fashion. Good luck with that. Successful investors know that the VC / Angel world works on personal contacts. What you need is a hands-on marketing consultant to sift through all the noise and identify only those Angels / VC's that might be interested in your pitch. Quality, my friends, not quantity.
  • Showcase - Showcase your idea in our quarterly Insiders' Guide: Trends in Electronics, a premier way to get your idea into the hands of the technology cognoscenti.
  • VC / Angel Investor Contact - We will help you make the first contacts with VC's / Angels by email and telephone with the goal of getting you "the meeting."
  • VC / Angel Meeting Help - we will help you prepare for over-the-phone and in-person meetings with VCs and Angels. We coach you to present your own ideas!
  • Beyond VC Help - once funded, we help you to create your website, marketing, and PR materials to look attractive for additional funding as well as to prospective employees and partners. We want to become your marketing / PR agency of choice as your grow into success!

You must be a serious entrepreneur, with a serious, viable idea in our target area of electronics. We do not accept everyone! Here's how it works:

  • First, you explain your idea to us. Give us the basic "elevator pitch." What is it? Who will it benefit? Why is it a huge market opportunity, that will generate a lot of money as well as be defensible against competitors? You should be able to explain your idea in just a few paragraphs, in 3-5 minutes. If not, you are not ready...
    • Note: many novices expect us to sign an NDA agreement at this point. We will not do so, nor will any serious VC's / Angels. Your idea should be simple enough that it can be explained in a few paragraphs, yet difficult enough that someone cannot simply "steal it" by hearing it once. If your idea can't be explained in an elevator, and not care if someone overhears it, then it is not a good idea.
  • Second, we review your idea. If it fits our interests - which are electronics, B2B, infrastructure, verticals like medical, military, industrial - and it is a promising idea, we will contact you for a telephone interview.
  • Third, we decide to partner with you as your marketing / PR consultants. We help you draft your business plan, identify potential VC or Angels, and create a strategy for you to contact them. We are not brokers or finders - we are merely helping you with the marketing and PR strategy to position your idea.
  • Fourth, we help you with meetings and background follow up as you introduce yourself to the VC / Angel community.
  • Fifth, we invoice your for our time and materials as we go along. These outstanding invoices are paid if and only if you get funded. We do not charge a percent of the "deal" as we are not broker / finders, but rather your outside marketing and PR consultants.

Use this form to apply for a free consultation with eg3.com. Not ready for a consultation? Be sure to download our free Venture Capitalists' Directory! If you are more comfortable, contact us by telephone at +1-510-713-2150 x 202, Jason McDonald, Senior Editor.

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