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Are you an "Angel Investor" or "Venture Capitalist?" Do you have an interest in the "next big thing" in electronics - especially the booming "embedded systems industry" - smart computing, embedded in everything from intelligent bombs to iPODS to home entertainment to backend networking equipment to medical devices? eg3.com reaches the worldwide 50,000+ community of designers who are designing tomorrow's new products and services, today! And, many of them are hungry with ideas of their own eager to forming new companies each day. Their biggest need - finding smart money that will back them early!

  • get a FREE copy of our forthcoming Insiders' Guide: Trends in Electronics & Angel Investing, our new guide / tutorial to the most promising ideas (for VC's/Angels) and how to market your ideas (for entrepreneurs).
  • also available - the spring, 2008, edition of Embedded Opportunities - survey results and analysis of the hottest trends in B2B electronics as in RFID, Zigbee, Multicore, etc.
find talent